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Bonwre II Series is Inspired by how the craftsmanship of and pure talent of  the people of Bonwre.

Bonwre is a town in Ghana, where the most popular cloth in Africa known as “Kente”, originated.

The Kente is worn by the king of the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana.

Bonwre Exotic African Waist Beads Piece are small sized beads cleverly made with Authentic Krobo Gold Seed beads and Colorful  Historical Trade Beads…

Gold inspires Knowledge, Spirituality and a Deep Understanding of one’s self and the Soul.

Beads are strung on multiple cotton chord for durability.

African Women over the centuries have used Tie on Waist Beads on cotton chords due to its durability.

This product is for 1 strand of Traditional African Waist beads and only available in Tie.


Beads are also available on wire and secure with a Barrel Screw Clasp

This Photo is a bunch of beads wrapped around a few times.

One strand will wrap around your Belly. Waist or Hips only one time.

You can stack them or wear it single.

These Authentic African Waist Beads are Worn around a Woman’s Belly, Waist or free flowing around her Hips.

African Women wear Exotic Body Beads to draw attention to, and enhance her femininity.

Waist beads are now widely worn by Women of all Shapes and Sizes, for their beauty and the female essence they invoke


24 Inches, 25 Inches, 26 Inches, 27 Inches, 28 Inches, 29 Inches, 30 Inches, 31 Inches, 32 Inches, 33 Inches, 34 Inches, 35 Inches, 36 Inches, 37 Inches, 38 Inches, 39 Inches, 40 Inches, 41 Inches, 42 Inches, 43 Inches, 44 Inches, 45 Inches


Barrel Screw, Tie On