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Sika Champagne and Pearls Tie On Waist Bead.

Sika Korkoor translate to mean GOLD in Ghanaian Akan Language.

This version of the Sika Series is a combination of Authentic Glass Krobo Beads , Glass Crystal and Pearl Beads.

Beads are strung on multiple cotton chord for durability.

African Women over the centuries have used Tie on Waist Beads on cotton chords due to its durability.

Beads are also available on wire and secured with a Barrel Screw Clasp

This product is for 1 strand of Traditional African Waist beads.

This Photo is a bunch of beads wrapped around a few times.

One strand will wrap around your Belly. Waist or Hips only one time.

You can stack them or wear it single.

This piece makes a great birthday gift.

Waist beads makes you fall in love with yourself.

Also send as a bridal shower gift, mother’s day gift and female holiday gift or Christmas gift.

These Authentic Waist Beads are Worn around the Waist or free flowing around her Hips.

Waist beads are worn by women of all of all Shapes and Sizes


For an additional cost you can request longer lengths for Plus Size Women and Adinkra Charms


To Tie Waist Beads

– Wrap your full strand of waist beads around where you want your beads to sit.

– Remove any additional beads by pulling them off the string.

– Tie 3-4 tight knots where the beads end.

– Cut close to the knot leaving 1/2cm.


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Barrel Screw, Tie On